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nav_down 20.9.13 / CLAVO – NEW FROM DADA STUDIO


A big welcome to Dada Studio and their great Clavo typeface. Clavo is a curvy slab design that is highly flexible and multi-tasking. Warmth, subtle details, classical proportions and traditional forms combine to provide pure harmony.

Ten upright weights from thin to black are complimented by matching italics. The fonts include comprehensive language support as well as ligatures, discretionary ligatures, small caps, old style figures, alternates, tabular figures, fractions and many other OpenType features.

June 2015 - Clavo is no longer available from our store.




Geotica is an elegant and fashionable didone typeface with extreme contrasts. But this appealing design goes much further by using a range of construction elements to create a variety of forms.

The idea behind Geotica was to build different font types out of a range of geometric elements. Open wire frames could be left as outline character shapes or be partially or completely filled. When colours are introduced to the fill elements a broad range of permutations are possible.

There are then four different grades of line thickness to increase variability and provide even more setting possibilities. Each line weight font set comprises four font styles: outline, solid, engraved and a cutaway filler for adding colour variations.

Geotica is fully loaded with OpenType features and additional character forms that include swashes, final forms, ligatures, discretionary ligatures and ornaments.

Download this sample pdf of Geotica to view the full beauty and flexibility of this font building package. Geotica is available as a Complete Set for just £64, Set One, Set Two, Set Three or Set Four for £25 each or as individual fonts for £10.49 each.

nav_forward Browse all exljbris fonts


Insigne Design

Great News!, we're delighted to add the excellent Insigne Design foundry to our stable of premium font collections. There are over 450 high quality font products available for immediate purchase and download.

Insigne Design has released a wide variety of quality typefaces that include Aviano, Madurai, Sancoale, Savigny and the excellent Sommet range. The Sommet family provides a comprehensive choice of font styles: Sommet Sans, Sommet Serif, Sommet Slab, Sommet Rounded and Sommet Slab Rounded for the discerning typographer.

Insigne Design prides itself on its unique and affordable fonts that can be purchased from a remarkable £3.00 upwards.

Insigne Design was originally founded as DooleyType by Jeremy Dooley in 2004 with the release of the Biortec typeface, many sans serifs, scripts, serifs and experimental forms followed. The foundry name was changed to Insigne Design the following year.

A world traveller, Jeremy grew up in Europe and the Middle East and has travelled extensively to many countries, gaining inspiration along the way.

nav_forward Browse all Insigne Design fonts


Brandon Grotesque

We are extremely pleased to add the superb Brandon Grotesque to our range of quality font products for you to purchase and download.

The Brandon Grotesque family comprises six upright weights and matching italics that are available as individual weights, a Basic Set or as a Complete Family.

Designed by Hannes von Döhren (HVD Fonts), Brandon Grotesque is influenced by popular 1920s and 30s geometric sans serifs that have been optically improved for better legibility.

Functional, warm and elegant, Brandon Grotesque performs well within text and at display sizes. The fonts come well equipped to handle complex, professional typography and include extended language support for Central and Eastern European.

Brandon Grotesque won the TDC2 Award in 2011.

nav_forward Browse all HVD Fonts fonts



Trend and Trend Hand Made are a great range of sans serif and slab serif fonts that comprise a range of components and layers to construct a variety of 2D and 3D outcomes.

It is said that the fonts result from observation and study of the latest global trends, integrating elements of popular fashion and 'trends' (hence the name) but we just love all the great shading and drop shadow effects that you can create from the different font combinations.

The fonts are priced from an incredibly low £3.50 up to £13.00 and the full 21 font Trend Family is great value at just £99.00.

Trend is a masterpiece from Latinotype and already one of the best selling font collections of 2013.

nav_forward Browse all Latinotype fonts



Welcome DynaComware.

We are very excited to announce the broad availability of Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts from one of the World's leading producers of Asian fonts and technology – DynaComware. DynaComware have a vast CJK library of over 500 high quality fonts that we are adding to our site. It will take a while to get everything loaded up so in the meantime we have illustrative PDF files available to view - please contact us for more information.

Since 1987, DynaComware has been the leading font developer and vendor of Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts for the Asian market and has been providing the likes of Microsoft and Apple with Chinese system fonts for their Chinese operating systems since the mid 1990's.

The DynaComware library contains the following popular CJK font families: DF Hei Traditional Chinese, DF Li Hei Traditional Chinese, DFP Hei Simplified Chinese, DFP Song Simplified Chinese, DFHS Gothic Japanese, DFHS Mincho Japanese, DFK Gothic Korean and DFK Mincho Korean.

For more information about Chinese fonts, Japanese fonts or Korean fonts and any extended licensing requirements please send us an email, call us or use the contact form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

nav_forward Browse all DynaComware fonts


Welcome Typefolio.

Hot on the heals of Isaco Type (introduced in June) we are pleased to add more fonts from Brazil in the shape of Adriane Text and Adriane Lux from Typefolio.

Typefolio is an independent Brazilian type foundry established by designer Marconi Lima. Marconi's motivation for type design comes from the advent of the web, access to font manufacture software and the discovery of a community crazy about typography!

nav_forward Browse all Typefolio fonts



A very big welcome to Jos Buivenga and his exciting range of world class typefaces, all available for immediate purchase and download.

Jos is founder of the one-man Dutch foundry exljbris and says he can be passionate about a lot of things: painting, listening to music, brewing an almost perfect expresso ..... but nothing challenges and rewards him more than designing type.

The exljbris foundry includes the extensive, bestselling Museo typeface range. Museo is versatile, clean and contemporary with great language support and a host of ligatures and alternate characters. This brilliant 'super' family includes the original Museo, Museo Sans, Museo Slab, Museo Sans Rounded and Museo Sans Condensed. Prices start from just £10.49 per font per user with a number of weights being completely free to download – try Museo today.

Other great fonts from exljbris include: Anivers, Calluna, Calluna Sans and Fertigo, some priced from just £5.99!

nav_forward Browse all exljbris fonts


Isaco Type

Welcome Isaco Type.

Isaco Type is a Brazilian digital foundry who specializes in the creation of highly graphic, advanced technology fonts. Through constant development and carefully observing the great classics of type design, Isaco Type strives to produce contemporary, balanced typeface concepts that take full advantage of OpenType architecture.

Currently there are two typeface ranges. The beautifully crafted, calligraphic Mayence contains 430 ligatures (in the Premium version) to create a naturally flowing elegance that is complimented by an impressive range of borders and ornaments, and Monarcha is a serif family in a baroque style with delicious fluidity and texture that includes many typographical features and stylistic options, there is also language support for CE, Baltic and Turkish languages.

nav_forward Browse all Isaco Type fonts

nav_down 15.6.12 / MARK SIMONSON STUDIO

Mark Simonson Studio

We're delighted to announce the addition of Mark Simonson Studio typeface products that are all available for immediate download.

Mark is an American graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in lettering, typography and comtemporary font design. Mark has been developing typefaces since the late 70s and his first commercial releases were Felt Tip Roman, Kandal and Proxima Sans.

Mark opened the Mark Simonson Studio foundry in 2000 and began releasing a number of new designs – Blakely, Felt Tip Senior, Refrigerator and Coquette. These were followed by Sharktooth and Mostra. In 2003, Mark added new fonts to the Blakely, Refrigerator, Sharktooth and Felt Tip Roman families and produced a number of new font ranges: Changeling, Goldenbook, Felt Tip Woman and Metallophile Sp 8.

In 2005 Mark completely reworked Proxima Sans to create the stunning Proxima Nova super family of 42 fonts which is available as a complete collection for just £399. Proxima Nova bridges the gap between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk and is an original sans that combines geometric clarity with humanistic readability.

nav_forward Browse all Mark Simonson Studio fonts

nav_down 14.5.12 / WEB FONTS – WEBFONTS – UPDATE

Web Fonts

We can now provide an even broader range of Web Font solutions from an ever increasing number of foundries as more suppliers embrace webfont technologies, but you do need to look at the options very carefully.

Licensing models are becoming more diverse every day (with big cost differences), so with no standard on the horizon it's advisable to understand what the licensing implications are before making any font choices. Picking the wrong font can be a costly mistake!

To get the low down on current web font rules, regulations and options available, email sales@type.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 7226 4411 for expert, no obligation advice.

nav_forwardOr, for more online information on webfonts, check out our Web Fonts info page.


A wide selection of the G-TYPE fonts are now available in OpenType format in addition to legacy formats. G-TYPE are continuing to update some of the older G-Type fonts to OpenType format and have taken the opportunity to extend the character sets, improve the kerning or make modifications during this process. These include Accent Graphic, which now contains Central European (CE) glyphs for Polish, Hungarian and Czech amongst others. Amulet now also includes CE languages, as well as a brand new cap A. The stylistic dot over the cap I has been deleted to avoid confusion with the Turkish dot accent, which is also included. Digitalis, which dates from 1999, now has an extended Latin glyph set by default, as with nearly all of G-Type OpenType fonts.

G-Type Fonts Sampler

nav_forward Browse all G-TYPE fonts


Fenland offers a different image – a bold and striking lettershape that is recognisable and fresh. The visual uniqueness of Fenland becomes apparent when it is seen at large sizes.

The modern shapes are constructed and balanced to remove the adherence to the pen-written or calligraphic model, yet still provide an alphabet that maintains a lively pattern when set in continuous text. It is a typeface conceived and designed for a wide variety of uses such as corporate, advertising and editorial work.

The Fenland range comprices 7 upright weights plus italics and can be purchased as a Complete Family or as 7 individual packs that contain one upright and one italic font.


nav_forward Browse all JEREMY TANKARD fonts


nav_down 20.2.12 / ACME FONTS GOES OPENTYPE

All ACME fonts are now available in OpenType format in addition to legacy formats. This great range of constructivist, highly useable fonts produced by a consortium of designers includes popular designs such as Carplates, Diwa and Generation.

Acme Fonts Sampler

nav_forward Browse all ACME FONTS



The first snows have fallen and Christmas is just around the corner. Browse a great selection of festive fonts and seasonal symbols to give your invites and documents a true Christmas flavour.

HVD Christmas Dingbats 2 font family

nav_forward Browse all Christmas fonts



Positype is Neil Summerour, a type designer, lettering artist, calligrapher and designer based in Georgia, USA with one foot in Takamatsu, Japan. Neil opened his personal type foundry, Positype, in 2000 to feed his ever-growing desire for type design (something of which, oddly, he considered a hobby to keep him busy late at night!). Neil's 'hobby' has obviously flourished as he has now published over 60 typeface families (500+ fonts) and produced numerous custom typefaces for clients worldwide.

Neil won the Type Directors Club Certificate of Excellence in Type Design in 2010 and 2011 for Fugu and Nori, respectively.

nav_forward Browse all Positype fonts


nav_down 30.5.11 / WELCOME TEGETYPE

TeGeType is the design studio of Thierry Gouttenègre, a Belgian type designer based in France. After being typedirector for Alfac-Decadry in Belgium, Thierry moved to the South of France (lucky him!) and started his own Design Studio in the mid 90s. In 2007 he set up his TeGeType foundry. He specializes in type design for specific applications, such as signage, engraving and 3D and has worked with Aldo Novarese and Ladislas Mandel amongst others. Notable typefaces designs include Cinio (used in signage applications in several French cities) and Vizille a Fournier text family made for the Musée de la Revolution Française in Vizille.


nav_forward Browse all TeGeType fonts




Tomi Haaparanta started designing type in 1990 and after releasing fonts via the mainstream channels decided to launch his own Suomi Type Foundry in 2004. Suomi is Finnish for Finland where Tomi lives and designs affordable text families with an extensive range of weights, or scripts such as Suomi Script, invariably brimming with ligatures and alternates. Latest release is the friendly, swashbuckling Tenner.

STF Cider Script font family
STF Suomi Slab font familySTF Suomi Script font familySTF Tubby font family

nav_forward Browse all Suomi Type Foundry fonts

nav_down 22.10.10 / A BIG WELCOME TO HVD FONTS

We're delighted to have added the beautiful and inspirational HVD fonts to our list of premium type collections. HVD is Berlin based designer Hannes von Döhren's own foundry, he of Klint Pro fame, a stunning recent addition to the Linotype Library. HVD offers Hannes a vehicle for his more personal and experimental ideas. Versatility's the name of the game; Brevia is a cute and friendly text face, his Subway Types is perhaps the most extensive study in graffiti styles, while Cowboyslang is a gung-ho homage to the wild west. Explore them all!

HVD Cowboyslang font familyHVD Subway Types font familyHVD Bumper font family
HVD Brevia font family

nav_forward Browse all HVD fonts

nav_down 22.10.10 / VIRUS FONTS NOW IN OT FORMAT

All Virus fonts are now available in OpenType format. Classic designs by Jon Barnbrook and Marcus Leis Allion such as Regime, Bourgeois, Delux, Echelon & the newly expanded Expletive family.

Regime OT font familyExpletive FontBourgeois font family

nav_forward Browse all Virus fonts

nav_down 17.10.10 / SENSE & SENSIBILITY

Nick Shinn's latest offering was originally designed for Canada's Globe & Mail newspaper in 2007. Sense is modernist, Sensibility is a humanist sans and together the complete Sense & Sensibility super family of 32 fonts offers designers 2 new contrasting sans options but with common stem widths and dimensions. Fantastic value at under £5 per font. Download the extensive PDF specimen.

ShinnType Sense & Sensibility font families

nav_forward Browse all ShinnType fonts


Serbian foundry Tour De Force continue an impressive release schedule with 2 new headline faces, a delightfully playful wedge serif called Demis and a model of quirky simplicity called Enforcer. Also new is the solid and modern Sensor and the sophisticated Oblik Classic.

TDF Demis font

TDF EnforcerTDF Sensor fontTDF Oblik Classic

nav_forward Browse all TDF fonts


The varied Garagefonts collection is now available in OpenType for automatic download. Notable families include District, Metroflex and the expansive Freight series designed by Joshua Darden.

Freight Big Pro font family

nav_forward Browse all Garagefonts

nav_down 18.6.10 / NEW NORTHERN BLOCK FONTS


Jonathan Hill's Sheffield based micro foundry The Northern Block have just released the eye-catchingly fat n' quirky Mekon display face which works brilliantly at very large sizes. Other notable TNB new releases include Nu Order and Draftwerk.

TNB Mekon font family

nav_forward Browse all Northern Block Fonts




PayPal now at type.co.uk

We're happy to announce that PayPal is now offered as a new payment option when shopping on type.co.uk and our sister sites.



nav_down 3.6.10 / NEW GROTESK ON THE BLOCK


Dalton Maag's keenly awaited new killer sans family is called Aktiv Grotesk, a contemporary take on the grotesque designs which first surfaced towards the end of the 19th Century. Available in 4 weights with matching italics, the OT Std version includes CE, Baltic and Turkish layouts.

DaMa Aktiv Grotesk font family

nav_forward Browse all Dalton Maag Fonts


nav_down 21.5.10 / APUD BY DSTYPE


Dino dos Santos' impressive release schedule continues with the narrow proportioned, sharp serifed Apud family. The more delicate Apud Display is also available.

DST Apud font family

nav_forward Browse all DSType Fonts




Chevin Std & Pro font families

Nick Cooke's popular Chevin family, as used by Royal Mail and the Post Office, is finally available in OpenType. The Chevin Std family contains CE glyphs whilst the extensive Chevin Pro set includes Greek and Cyrillic layouts plus many more OT features.

nav_forward Browse all G-Type Fonts

nav_down 4.5.10 / ENGLISH ENGRAVERS

English  Engravers Roman family

English Engravers Roman was designed by Robbie Smith for Smith Hands and was inspired by the many beautiful examples of English letter carving produced in the fruitful period between 1930 and 1980....read more



Dalton Maag have extended their popular Co Text & Co Headline families to include Greek and Cyrillic. The Co fonts, used extensively by Barclaycard, can be purchased as individual language versions or pan-european Corporate Editions featuring CE, Greek and Cyrillic in one font.

Co Corp Editions

nav_forward Browse all Dalton Maag Fonts



Observer Newspaper The Observer re-design has had a mixed response but the use of Dino dos Santos' Prelo & Prelo Slab families, licensed by Fontworks to the paper, works fantastically well.

DSType's Prelo is a premium OpenType face in 54 styles including Condensed & Compressed variants.

DST Prelo fonts
nav_forward Browse all DSType Fonts


North America's classiest foundry, Boston's Font Bureau Inc., have two significant new releases out this month. Starling is dubbed as "A Revival for Our Times", a reworking by Mike Parker of William Starling Burgess' superior precursor to the legendary Times typeface. Download the PDF specimen.
FB Starling font family

Trilby, on the other hand, transcends mere novelty as a wholly useful contemporary design with offbeat charm and subtle wit. Download free PDF specimen.

FB Trilby font family

nav_forward Browse all Font Bureau Fonts

TNB Scriber font
Geogrotesque Stencil font family

Oblik Serif font family

nav_forward Browse all New Releases


nav_down 29.1.10 / 26&26 Type Calendar



Ultra limited edition Type Calendar designed by The Chase. Last few copies available on a first come first served basis for £20 each (UK) including shipping. Email sales@type.co.uk to buy one. Read more details.

26&26 Type Calendar from Fontworks


nav_down 18.1.10 / Parachute lands at type.co.uk

Parachute is a multi award winning Greek foundry based in Athens with a growing reputation for creating professional, feature rich multi-lingual OpenType Pro fonts. All Parachute releases offer a Pan European language solution which includes CE, Greek and Cyrillic. Notable typefaces include the PF Centro series (Sans, Serif & Slab), a comprehensive DIN range and the quite wonderful PF Champion Script Pro, the world's most powerful and complete script face with over 4,000 glyphs in its locker.


PF Champion Script Pro font


nav_down 4.12.09 / FaceType

FaceType is a small Austrian foundry based in Vienna, founded in 2008 and the latest addition to our stable. Notable fonts include the elegant Ivory family and the quirky Strangelove, their homage to Stanley Kubrick's cold war masterpiece Dr Strangelove.

Ivory font family from FaceType

nav_down 16.11.09 / Say hello to Emtype

Eduardo Manso's wonderful Emtype collection is now available for instant download. Check out the rounded sans face Geogrotesque and its' sister family Geogrotesque Stencil, or the clean & legible Relato Sans OT family.

EMT Geogrotesque Stencil family

nav_down 26.10.09 / Halloween horror font frighteners!

A most ghostly, scary, creepy, freaky, spooky, ghoulish bunch of halloween horror fonts handpicked for maximum fright potential:
creepy halloween fonts halloween fonts Horror & halloween fonts
Browse all Halloween Fonts

nav_down 26.10.09 / Olicana Fine new release

Nick Cooke's G-Type foundry continues an impressive release schedule with the addition of a Fine weight to the best selling Olicana type family. Olicana Rough and Smooth now have a skinnier, more delicate little cousin, Olicana Fine, which boasts more refined thin strokes, greater contrast and finesse.

Olicana Complete Volume

nav_down 21.8.09 / Organon Sans & Serif; brand new OT Pro releases from G-Type

G-Type Organon Sans & Serif font families

nav_down 20.5.09 / DIN Next Pro Platinum Collection

Linotype have released the formidable new DIN Next Pro Platinum Collection, a refreshing update to the original DIN 1451 MittelSchrift and EngSchrift fonts. Background info on the new DIN Next Platinum fonts, pricing, samples etc here.

DIN Next Pro Platinum Font Collection

nav_down 19.5.09 / More hot Dalton Maag releases

Brixton based foundry Dalton Maag have added 'Advertising' weights to their successful Lexia and Plume type families; bolder, more tight-fitting styles with short descenders that have been designed to work well in newspaper and magazine headlines or even at billboard size.

Another notable new release is Verveine, a bright and breezy casual felt pen script which comes in separate OpenType Std, Greek and Cyrillic variants or the all-inclusive, feature-rich Corp version.

Lexia Advertising font family from Dalton Maag Verveine Corp font family from Dalton Maag Plume Advertising font family from Dalton Maag

nav_down 29.4.09 / New additions

New fonts and complete type collections added to our online shop in April include the following:

Image Club Library : popular collection of 200+ display faces including Lemonade & Alley Cat

Alan Meeks Collection : ex-Letraset studio manager's range, includes the Astoria font family

Plexes Pro : another stunning, modern OpenType Pro family from Dino dos Santos / DSType


nav_down 18.3.09 / Alpine Script

Borges Lettering Alpine Script font family

Borges Lettering continue their love affair with glorious brush drawn typefaces, Alpine Script the latest addition to a beautiful collection. Ideal for invites, signage or anything needing a hand drawn calligraphic touch.

Available in OpenType format and includes 30 alternate characters.

nav_forward View, test drive and buy Alpine Script

nav_down 18.3.09 / DSType foundry

We're delighted to announce the addition of Portugal's finest, DSType, to our stable of foundries. Dino dos Santos is equally adept at designing both corporate and editorial type systems or striking single weight display and script faces. Perhaps best known for the art deco Estilo Script , other notable releases include contemporary sans Priva Pro which includes Greek and Cyrillic glyphs and the versatile Leitura. DSType's new premium type series has been launched with the professional Glosa and Prelo families.

Read more about DSType fonts here

DSType foundry

nav_down 7.3.09 / Tooting Sans

"Citizen" Stuart Brown, Tooting resident and Hamburgerfonts chief, pays homage to the south London suburb with his latest release, Tooting Sans, a well-crafted, contemporary humanist sans. Designed for the needs of editorial, advertising and signage, Tooting Sans is not only suitable for setting large amounts of text at small sizes, it also has a presence and robustness for powerful headlines. An impressive character set includes CE, Greek and Cyrillic glyphs plus small caps, ligatures and multiple numeral sets.

Tooting Sans font family from Hamburgerfonts

nav_down 29.1.09 / Foco Italics

Dalton Maag have added true italics to their popular modern sans face Foco, now making it an even more attractive proposition for all-round publishing and packaging work. Available in OpenType (TTF flavour) format and includes a Central European (CE) character set.

Dalton Maag Foco font family

nav_down 15.12.08 / Say Yes To Houschka Pro!

houschka pro font family

Yes Man

G-Type have finally updated the best selling Houschka family and released the mighty Houschka Pro which, like its Houschka Rounded sister family, comes complete with CE & Cyrillic language support plus a host of alternates, and typographic extras. Try it out here.

In a quirk of fate, this week sees the opening of Jim Carrey's latest blockbuster, The Yes Man, featuring Houschka very prominently in the promo posters and website. See more on our Used/Abused page.




To catch up on any older news items go to our News Archive or Newsletter Archive pages.

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