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Neue Helvetica

Neue Helvetica (Helvetica Neue) – The world’s most popular sans serif typeface

Neue Helvetica (also known as Helvetica Neue) is a completely redrawn version of the Helvetica font range that has 51 Neue Helvetica font styles in weights varying from ultra light to extra black.

As the various original Helvetica font versions were imbalanced and disproportionate to each other, a complete overhaul was instigated in 1983 by D. Stempel AG and Linotype. Neue Helvetica was the outcome. The ‘new’ Helvetica font designs are much more cohesive, structured, have unified heights and widths and improved legibility. A numerical classification scheme was also introduced (based on the Univers system) to help distinguish all Neue Helvetica fonts in the enlarged 51 font NH family range.

Neue Helvetica is the quintessential sans serif font that is understated, timeless and neutral – without doubt the undisputed king of fonts.

Helvetica was originally known as Neue Haas Grotesk and was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger for the Haas Type Foundry based in Switzerland. In 1960 the name was changed to Helvetica (an adaptation of "Helvetia", the Latin name for Switzerland).To view the original Helvetica page, click Helvetica.

Download the Neue Helvetica fonts.pdf here.

Links to popular alternative Helvetica cuts can be found further down the page.

Neue Helvetica – Buying Choices

Neue Helvetica W1G

Neue Helvetica W1G (World Glyph set 1) fonts have specially enlarged character sets that contain extended language support plus many additional typographic characters. Language coverage includes: Western European, Central & Eastern European, Greek, Cyrillic, Welsh and Turkish. Character additions include superiors, inferiors, ordinals and fractions.

Neue Helvetica W1G – Buying Choices

Helvetica – Popular Alternative Cuts

Apart from the ever-present Arial, there are many alternative typeface designs that are extremely similar to Helvetica and indistinguishable to the untrained eye, however, there will be small spacing and character design differences, character sets also vary. These alternative products also have different licensing terms, if you require licensing advice please contact us for further information.

Popular alternatives:

Aktiv Grotesk (Dalton Maag)
Pragmatica (Paratype)
Swiss (Bitstream)
Nimbus Sans (URW)

Packs available:

Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from

Popular single weights:

Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from
Linotype from

Neue Helvetica Central European
Neue Helvetica Condensed
Neue Helvetica Cyrillic
Neue Helvetica Std
Neue Helvetica Pro
Neue Helvetica Com
Neue Helvetica Pro W1G

More Neue Helvetica

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