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used & abused

A new feature displaying type and graphic images in everyday use. Packaging, ad campaigns, billboards, windows, flyers, anywhere we see them.
Feel free to contribute (send images to joe@type.co.uk) but please note we see plenty of typefaces horribly misused and we won't shy away from naming and shaming!



Christmas 2008: Yes, Oh Yes
Warner Bros say yes to Houschka!


Based on the book by Danny Wallace, the new Jim Carrey movie hits the screens this Christmas with Nick Cooke's Houschka typeface taking the lead role on all promo posters and the supporting website (yesisthenewno.com). By complete coincidence Nick has just released the long awaited Houschka Pro OpenType family which contains a veritable feast of features, stylistic sets, ligatures, alternates, small caps plus CE, Baltic, Turkish and Cyrillic language support.

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Fopp Records, Manchester, Nov 2008:
Decorative Graffiti Anyone?

fopp graffiti fopp graffiti 2
Nothing unusual about this, or is there? Hang
on a minute, what's that rogue character in
the middle?
Only the most decorative and elegant bit of
wall scribbling you're ever likely to see! Identify
yourself please! (Browse decorative fonts)

Summer 2008: Gloom and despondency
in old London town



Meanwhile, at the swanky new
Bank Nightclub in Vegas:



Essex Road, London N1. War, petrol
prices, housing market, financial
meltdown, inflation, cost of a pint...
All too much for some wag.

Need graffiti fonts?

What a beauty! G-Type's Olicana
typeface that is, not the soporific
pop diva Mariah Carey.

Download an Olicana PDF sample




February 2008: Cloverfield titles.

Hollywood blockbuster Cloverfield boasts great titles
set in AF Klampenborg from Acmefonts.



December 2007: Smell a rat?


Kylie Minogue's new fragrance. Darling is set in Rats
from Font Bureau. The small body height seems apt!

November 2007: new JJB logo

Jolly jolly bad.


October 2007: Typographic lazyitis?

A real gem sent in by John Wallett from idz:


"Taken earlier this year in front of the Sackville Hotel
in Bexhill on Sea.I dont know if the guy had just finished
putting the sign up (it used to be called the Mermaid)
and its not exactly a location noted for its strong winds
so I suspect some signmaker just pulled it out of a
typography book." Buy Mistral here.


September 2007: Renault Twingo campaign


Eye-catching new campaign by Publicis promoting the
new Renault Twingo model. Houschka's distinctively
curved W makes for a nice fit with this brand.

medicine_355 obesity_355

August 2007

Great work by esteemed design consultants Kerr Noble in using Houschka for the permanent
Medicine Now exhibition at the Wellcome Library, 183 Euston Road NW1. The designers created
wonderful 3D backlit titles from futuristic corian panels and chose Houschka for its "humanist quality".

July 2007: Typetastic Tuscany!

Couldn't fail to notice these amazing signs along the seafront in NW Tuscany (Versilian Coastline) on
a recent holiday.

giancarlo_280 belvedere_236 capaninna_239


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